How much space do you need?

We will always look to take up as little space as possible; leaving more room to party!  A 5m(w) x 4m(d) space is ideal but our fully digital set up means we are absolutely able to fit in much smaller spaces if needed.  We have played in venues from castles to cafes and have always been able to make things work. 


What are your timings of the day?

Every wedding is different so we work closely with all our couples and venues to make sure your evening is shaped exactly how you want it.  As a guide, common timings are as follows;  



18.00 - 19.00       Arrival & sound check

19.00 - 20.00       DJ set

20.00 - 21.00       Band set 1

21.00 - 21.30        DJ set

21.30 - 22.40        Band set 2

22.40 - 23.30        DJ set

Can I pick the bands playlist? 

We always welcome suggestions/requests through the booking stage and will happily learn your first dance, providing it is possible in a band situation.  Our set list has been tailored over the years to provide the most entertaining experience for all of your guests. Check out our repertoire here


Can I see you play live? 

Most of our bookings are private functions but we do from time to time play at local festivals and public events.  All details will be on our Facebook page.  We also have our own private rehearsal space in Rayleigh, Essex where we like to invite couples to come meet the band, discuss your day and play you a few tunes!  If you’re interested in doing this, please just ask and we’ll be happy to arrange.


How loud will the band be? 

Our fully digital set up gives us total control over every single sound we make right down to each individual drum and cymbal.  This means we can bring you perfect clarity digital sound and all the energy of a live band at a volume ideally suited to your venue.  Of course, if you and your guests want it louder….then we’ll turn it up!


Will you learn our special song? 

Yes, providing it can be suitably arranged in a band situation to do it justice we will always take the opportunity to play a couples first dance.  We would ask for at least 1 months’ notice to achieve this.


Are the promo videos on your Facebook/website a true reflection of the band? 

100%.  We can recreate everything you hear on the videos live…but better! 


How do I book you? 

Drop us a message through the website (bottom of every page), our Facebook page, or just contact Jonathan directly!   


Are you able to DJ in between sets? 

Yes we can.  We always carry vast playlists of songs from jazz and crooner through to dance, party and chart music to cater for every scenario.


Can we make DJ requests in advance of my event? 

Yes.  Just let us know what you’d like to hear.  You may also like to direct your guests (the ones you trust!) to our song submission form here 


Can we use your sound system for speeches? 

If required, absolutely. Please bear in mind that there may be additional costs for an early set up. 


Do you have lights? 

Yes.  We bring a fully DMX controlled lighting rig to every performance capable of providing effective lighting right up to large halls and marquees.


What if the band split up before my event or someone is ill? 

This is incredibly unlikely…the band have known each other since school and have been playing together for over 15 years without any personnel changes in that time!  If illness was to affect one of the band members, we have numerous contacts and deps we can call upon to stand in for that individual, all of which play to the same high standards we do.


Can my sister/boss/friend/cousins dog sing with your band? 

Yes they can. But please note that we provide a high level of professionalism when performing and would ask that you contact us before hand to discuss this arrangement.  We tend not to allow for spur of the moment performances on the night. 


Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates? 

Yes.  Liability insurance is always in place and our equipment is fully PAT tested every year.  Our documents are on the website in PDF form for reference but we will handle any requirements directly with your venue so you don’t have to worry.

Can we see some previous client reviews? 

Absolutely.  Please follow the reviews link under the menu or just click here to go to straight to our Facebook recommendations here 


What is the bands power requirement? 

Minimum requirement is 3 x 13amp outlets.  If your event is taking place in a marquee and using a generator, please ensure it is reliable and fully fuelled as we will have no control over this.

What's involved in the 'set-up'?

Set up is key to getting the right sound for every venue. Below is a time-lapsed video showing the set up process and how the stage will look on the night. 

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